Photography, Listing, Shipping & Taxes Guide

Beautiful photographs and well-written product descriptions not only enhance your store, but they also increase the likelihood that American Judaica will feature your shop and products.  Here are some tips to help you take excellent photographs and write effective product descriptions:

1. Choose the Best Lighting.

Using the same lighting for all of your products will strengthen your brand identity and create a streamlined look for your storefront.  Outdoor shoots work best on a cloudy day since bright sunlight can create too many shadows.  Indoor shoots should be near a window but positioned in a way that minimizes glare.  To diffuse the sunlight, you can hang a sheer white sheet over the window.

2. Focus!  Keep Images Crisp and Clear.

Turning on the autofocus function can really help your camera take clearer shots.  You can also use a tripod to prevent blurriness that comes from movement, or even use a stack of books to keep the camera still.

3. Include Product Descriptions and Estimated Delivery Times.

Excellent product descriptions include the materials used in creating your products, as well as size and dimensions.  Including estimated delivery times gives shoppers a general idea of when to expect their items.

4. Avoid Keyword Cramming.

When writing product descriptions, avoid stuffing them with keywords.  We recommend using the relevant keyword no more than once or twice in each description.  Keyword cramming results in descriptions that appear jumbled, irrelevant and difficult to understand, and will not result in higher rankings in search terms.

5. Eliminate or Minimize the Passive Voice

Writing descriptions that are clear and direct will enhance the shopper experience by providing information that's easy to understand.

6. Avoid $10 Words

Write simply and use plain language.

7. Shipping

We automatically compute shipping based on product weight, and merchants keep all of their shipping costs.  To learn more, login to your Seller Account and view our Shipping Guide in the Tutorials section.

8. Taxes

Taxes are automatically calculated by default based on a customer's region.  There is no need to add taxes to your products.